Top Characteristics to Look for in an Adjustable Bed

2 July 2020
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Adjustable beds, also referred to as therapeutic beds, can be the difference between a good night's sleep and a night of agonising pain for you or a loved one who has arthritis. At the touch of a button, adjustable beds give you full control over the positioning of your body when you sleep. However, different brands of adjustable beds have various capabilities, and this makes choosing the right one a problem for most customers. This article highlights critical characteristics you should look for in an adjustable bed.

Remote Control Reach  

Adjusting a therapeutic bed is made easier with remote control. Depending on the adjustable bed you buy, the remote control can either be wired or wireless. While wireless remote controls are convenient, they tend to interfere with other wireless devices such as mobile phones. Notably, most people prefer wired remote controls, but you need to be careful about the position of the remote control on a bed. The nearer a remote control is to your bed rest, the better because you have an easy time reaching for it. Some manufacturers place their adjustable bed remote control on a side frame. The location is challenging for persons with arthritis because they have to lean over to reach for the remote.

Number of Adjustments  

The adjustment options on most adjustable beds are commonly restricted to the upper body and lower body elevations. However, did you know you can get adjustable beds with multiple adjustment options? Do not settle for a bed with few adjustment options if you want to get the best possible sleep. For instance, you can adjust the firmness on some adjustable beds to relieve the pressure off your joints. Other beds have a vibrating mechanism around the foot area which can massage your feet to improve blood circulation, especially in the morning. You can also find adjustable beds that return to the flat position once you fall asleep. The more adjustable options your bed has, the better. However, remember that a bed with several adjustment options requires more maintenance.

Customisable Controls 

As indicated earlier, adjustable beds can be operated with a remote control, wired or wireless. However, the buttons on some remote controls can be challenging to push and hold for persons with severe arthritis. In such instances, it is essential to buy an adjustable bed with customised controls. For example, rather than use a remote control with push buttons, you can use one with a touchpad. It relieves pressure from painful arthritic of the fingers.

For further information on adjustable beds, reach out to a local furniture store.