Key Considerations for Choosing Corner Suites for Small Living Rooms

28 March 2022
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Corner suites, or L-shaped sofas, as they are popularly known, are excellent pieces of furniture not only for large airy living rooms but also for smaller spaces. It goes against all preconceived notions that corner suites are not good for smaller living rooms. Therefore, corner suites will not disappoint you, whether you want furniture that can accommodate large groups to facilitate conversations at parties or you want to lounge with a loved one. However, while choosing a corner suite for a large airy living room is easy for homeowners, the same cannot be said for small spaces. Luckily for you, this article highlights a few tips to help you choose a corner suite for a small living room or studio apartment.

Sectional Corner Suites

When you haphazardly choose a corner suite for a small living room, chances are you will make the wrong choice. In most cases, apartment dwellers with small living rooms do not take the time to look for corner suites suitable for the space in their quarters. However, it is the last thing you should do when shopping for a corner suite. Small apartment owners should focus on sectional corner suites instead of unified models. In addition, you can separate a sectional corner suite into different pieces, making your living room feel airier.

Minimalist Frame

Corner suites come in varying sizes, making selection easy based on the size of your living room. For instance, a corner suite with a thick frame would work best in a large room since you do not have to worry about cramping up the space. However, installing the same thick-framed corner sofa in a small living room is unrealistic since the extra inches would eat up a lot of space. Therefore, apartment owners need to be deliberate in their choice of corner suites. You should choose corner sofas with a minimalist frame rather than go for thick framed sofas. A minimalist corner suite frame features a thin backrest and armrest which occupy a smaller footprint.

Versatile Functionality

The primary purpose of corner suites is to make the home as comfortable as possible. However, a lot goes on into a modern living room, and standard pieces of furniture are not enough for people in small apartments. For instance, remote controls, magazines, keys and books can make a small room feel cluttered. Thus, furniture experts are creating versatile corner suites that double up as storage units. For instance, the chaise section of modern corner suites has storage space that allows you to keep everyday items, such as remote controls, out of the way. Such versatility can make your room feel and appear less cluttered.

Keep these tips in mind when looking at corner suites for sale near you.