2 Tips for Selecting a New Mattress for You and Your Partner's Bed

5 October 2021
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When you begin sharing a bed with your partner, you may come to realise that you both have different sleeping habits and needs. After coming to this realisation, you may have decided that you need a new mattress because neither of you is getting a good night's sleep.

However, you may be stuck when it comes to making a choice on which mattress you should purchase. Start your decision-making process by using the below tips to help you with making a selection.

1.  Look for a Layered Mattress With a Sturdy Top Layer for Better Weight Distribution

One thing that you should look for when shopping for a new mattress for you and your partner's bed is one that features a layered design. These layers should offer both strength, support and comfort. As such, if you and your partner have different weights, for example, you should look for a design that has a firm top layer to help with equal weight distribution. While the other layers can be softer, a firm top layer will help to support and distribute your weight so that you are both on the same flat level while laying down.

This even weight distribution helps to prevent one of you from laying on a hill or in a valley on top of the mattress while still providing the support you both need to sleep more comfortably.

2.  Consider How Much You and Your Partner Move During the Night

Another thing you can do when choosing a mattress is to consider how much you and your partner move during the night. If one of you is a restless sleeper, your current mattress may make the other person constantly feel the movements. Therefore, to help counteract the constant motions felt in the mattress, look for one that has motion isolation features. These features will keep the vibrations of the movements localised around the restless sleeper so that the other individual will not be disturbed.

Especially when you share a bed each night, the mattress that you select should help accommodate both you and your partner's sleeping habits by distributing your weights evenly while decreasing the amount of motion that is felt if one of you is a restless sleeper. Contact a furniture store offering mattresses in your area to discuss the available options and for assistance with choosing a mattress that will suit both of your needs. They can provide more information on options like Sleepmaker mattresses.