Cost Considerations When Reupholstering Furniture

30 August 2018
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If you have a precious couch, an antique chair or a dining table that you're looking to keep for a long time, reupholstering may be a good option to consider. Reupholstering furniture fixes damage to the item, restores its glow and increases its lifespan.

Depending on the type of furniture you have, reupholstering may be more expensive than replacement. However, nothing can replace that 1970s-style couch in the corner of your living room.

Keep the following factors in mind when preparing to reupholster your furniture.

1. The type of item

Each type of furniture has its own reupholstering cost. For example, large sofas are among the priciest to reupholster. This is because each cushion requires work, and the frame and padding also require special attention. Sectional sofas (with hardwood frames and quality padding) are also good candidates for reupholstering, but they cost more than regular sofas.

Reupholstering dinner chairs typically costs less than reupholstering sofas. Consider all the furniture you wish to have restored when budgeting for the cost.

2. The type of fabric

Fabric selections also play a significant role in the reupholstery price. The more unique and comfortable your fabric is, the more it will cost.

You're probably looking to reupholster your furniture to replace the fabric and restore the feel of your original piece. Therefore, don't go cheap on the fabric. Focus a larger portion of your budget on finding the best fabric options available. Velvet provides a soothing feel to your items, while damask and chintz are more suitable for a classic look.

3. The contractor you work with

Reupholstering is an art. Each piece you're looking to restore probably has sentimental value. Therefore, it's not simply about patching fabric and frames together. Each seam requires careful attention in how it's folded and held to the main piece.

Make sure you select a contractor who has experience in the business and has a portfolio of their previous work. Referrals may also help you find a quality contractor. As you would expect, the good contractors often cost more but provide value for their services.

4. Age of your furniture

Older furniture is also worthwhile to reupholster. Because the items are durable, they can be restored at a relatively lower cost. Newer furniture may be designed from recycled materials, using staples to hold the joints together. This makes the reupholstering process more complex and expensive to carry out. You may also not get much life out of the restoration process.

Contact a furniture design company for more information.