Choosing ways to use bamboo around your new home

14 March 2017
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Bamboo is not used extensively as a building material in Australia but is extremely popular in nearby South East Asia as it has some enviable attributes including high tensile strength, high flexibility (which is useful in earthquake prone regions) and the ability to grow quickly when looking to generate new structures. Here are some ways that you can look at using bamboo around your home. 


Bamboo is a popular choice for outdoor furniture. It can be split and woven into a range of attractive patterns. It remains light and usually can be seen through, which means it can be easily moved around and doesn't create a visual barrier, which can help to make the outdoor area feel more spacious. When using bamboo furniture outdoors it is a good idea to get it treated with antifungal agents so that it doesn't grow mildew or another fungus when it gets damp. 

A building material

Bamboo can also be used as a building material. In many cases, it cannot be used for the main structure as it will not be compliant with the Australian Building Code but can be used for non-living structures such as patios or decking. If you are planning to use bamboo in this way, it is common to use a standard construction frame (using metal or wood frames and a concrete foundation) and then use bamboo for paneling and/or roofing to give an attractive appearance. It can then be oiled for extra weather resistance. 

Decorative garden features

Another fun way to use bamboo is in decorative garden features. It can be a useful to create a loose wall in your yard from woven bamboo to create some extra noise buffer or a visual barrier for extra privacy in high-density living situations. It can also be used a wrapping for lighting and torches in the yards, which creates a nice way to blend the lighting into the garden with a natural finish. There are also bamboo grates and climbing frames which can be placed in the garden against less attractive structures (such as sheds, water tanks or garages)  so that vines and creepers can climb and cover the unsightly object. 

If you are looking for ways to use more bamboo around your home, it can often be a great idea to look in the garden. The attractive appearance of bamboo along with high flexibility and strength make it ideal for use in the house surrounds.