Finding The Perfect Colour Schemes To Complement Your Teak Furniture

23 March 2015
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Whether you love antique teak furniture or brand new designs, you want to highlight the beauty of your furniture. By choosing the right colour scheme for pillows, cushions, walls and other wood elements, you help your teak furniture to look amazing. Here are some colour schemes and ideas to consider:

1. Teal, Mustard Yellow And Teak

If you are looking for a fun contemporary colour scheme to coordinate with your teak furnishings, consider mustard yellow and teal. Once popular in the 1970s, these colours – frequently seen on pillows and accessories decorated with owls – are making a come back. This colour scheme is ideal for people who love retro looks with stylish contemporary updates as well as for people who prefer relatively cool palettes.

When combining the colours, embrace a 60-30-10 strategy. These numbers refer to the percentage of the room that is each colour. For instance, make teal your dominant colour by painting the walls teal, make mustard yellow the secondary colour by having yellow cushions and finally, make teak the 10 percent accent colour by having the frames of your furniture in teak.

2. Neutral Colours With Orange-Stained Teak

If you prefer a neutral colour scheme to a cool colour scheme, you can easily pair neutral colours with the natural look of your teak furniture. Mix and match colours such as cream and tan, but for accent colours, you want to take a cue from the undertones on the stain your teak has.

In many cases, teak has orange undertones, and if you want to bring out this colour, you should look for the opposite colour on the colour wheel chart. In this case, it is blue. Because of that, teak furniture with a slightly orange tint looks great with cream and tan walls and window treatments, but blue accents on throw pillows, wall trim or other small elements help to highlight the natural beauty of the teak's stain.

3. Brown Teak With Blue And Green Accents

In other cases, your teak furniture may have brown undertones. In those cases, you want to stay away from orange as it will compete with the teak's stain. Instead, integrate the complementary colours of green and blue into your decor. Whether you use these colours in furniture cushions, wall paint or any other decorative elements, they will help to bring out the rich brownness of your teak.

4. Nautical Colour Schemes

If you are struggling to find a colour scheme that looks great with your teak furniture but also appeals to you, you may want to think about where teak is commonly used and consider if you can work that into your designs.

For example, traditionally, teak has been an essential part of ship making. As a result, teak woods are naturally at home with nautical colour schemes. Imagine jaunty red and white stripes with blue accents or a room that is predominantly different shades of blue with some yellow accents. The latter is especially appealing if you have teak with yellow undertones.  

5. Complementary And Contrasting Wood Colours

If you want your space fully coordinated, you can exclusively purchase teak furniture. However, that is not the only way to create a coordinated look with your wood. In addition to thinking about the colours you have in your space, think about the different types of wood you would like to have in your home.

If you want matching woods, consider staining oak or maple to match teak. However, keep in mind that their grains are different. If the contrasting grains bother you, you may want to integrate woods in contrasting colours. For example, if you have relatively light coloured teak furnishings, contrast them with dark ebonised woods.